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9. Central aortic blood pressure and augmentation index

Title: Central aortic blood pressure and augmentation index: comparison between Vasotens® and SphygmoCor® technology

Author Information

Anatoliy N Rogoza, Aleksandr A Kuznetsov


Introduction: The aim of this study is the comparison of Vasotens® technology as used in a device with an oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement (BPLab, Petr Telegin Ltd, Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation) against the validated tonometric system (SphygmoCor®, AtCor Medical Pty Ltd, West Ryde, Australia). Methods: The examinations were carried out in two medical centers. Exclusion criteria included atrial fibrillation, severe cardiac anomalies, heart failure, arrhythmia, decompensated diabetes, the presence of an artificial pacemaker, pregnancy, and BMI > 30. Overall, 160 patients and healthy volunteers were examined. Central aortic systolic blood pressure (aSBP) and augmentation index (aAIx) were obtained by means of applanation tonometry and the oscillometric method was compared. Results: aSBP and aAIx measured using the BPLab device equates significantly with the same parameters measured by SphygmoCor. Conclusion: This finding allows the recommendation of Vasotens technology, which can be used with the 24-hour BPLab monitoring system for wide clinical use.

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