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18. A new oscillometric method for pulse wave analysis: comparison with a common tonometric method.

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Wassertheurer S, Kropf J, Weber T, van der Giet M, Baulmann J, Ammer M, Hametner B, Mayer CC, Eber B, Magometschnigg D.


In the European Society of Cardiology-European Society of Hypertension guidelines of the year 2007, the consequences of arterial stiffness and wave reflection on cardiovascular mortality have a major role. But the investigators claimed the poor availability of devices/methods providing easy and widely suitable measuring of arterial wall stiffness or their surrogates like augmentation index (AIx) or aortic systolic blood pressure (aSBP). The aim of this study was the validation of a novel method determining AIx and aSBP based on an oscillometric method using a common cuff (ARCSolver) against a validated tonometric system (SphygmoCor). aSBP and AIx measured with the SphygmoCor and ARCSolver method were compared for 302 subjects. The mean age was 56 years with an s.d. of 20 years. At least two iterations were performed in each session. This resulted in 749 measurements. For aSBP the mean difference was -0.1 mm Hg with an s.d. of 3.1 mm Hg. The mean difference for AIx was 1.2% with an s.d. of 7.9%. There was no significant difference in reproducibility of AIx for both methods. The variation estimate of inter- and intraobserver measurements was 6.3% for ARCSolver and 7.5% for SphygmoCor. The ARCSolver method is a novel method determining AIx and aSBP based on an oscillometric system with a cuff. The results agree with common accepted tonometric measurements. Its application is easy and for widespread use.

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