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Healthstats International Pte. Ltd., Singapore

  • The BPro is a wrist-sensor based applanation.

  • The tonometric device is sensitive to the sensor positioning on the radial artery.

  • The device is validated invasively (7,8). However, in one paper (7) at lower central SBP values the device overestimated the SBPao, while at higher central SBP values the device underestimated the SBPao.

  • The BPro requires BP calibration (7,8).

  • The tonometric deivce does not use generalized transfer function (GTF) (7,8).

Red No.png

Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity

Green Yes.png

Central (aortic) Systolic Blood Pressure (7,8)

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Aortic Augmentationindex

Relevant publications of BPro

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