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SMT medical GmbH&Co. KG, U.K.

  • The Vicorder is a user-independent, simple and simultaneous carotid-femoral cuff-based  method to assess PWVao (38).

  • The device may overestimate the PWVao especially in cases of higher PWV, due to the simultaneous recording of carotid and femoral pressure curves, and the opposite propagation of the aortic pulse pressure waves to carotid and femoral sites (21).

  • There is an existing cardiovascular outcome study (39).

  • *No paper is available about invasive PWVcf validation.

  • **No validation study available for AIXao and SBPao.

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Carotid-femoral Pulse Wave Velocity*

Central Aortic Systolic Blood Pressure**

Aortic Augmentationindex**

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Relevant publications of Vicorder

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